Bear Mountain - Raging Russians

Wild Boar Hunting at its finest

   The Word “Rampage” can hardly describe the charge of a Russian Boar at Bear Mountain. When the hunt is on time stands still. As the mighty beasts, one-after-another, will challenge you for ultimate supremacy of the Northern Forest. Enter the dark cedars and face Black Death himself. Step softly & quietly on his playground as you unravel the interwoven maze of trails and be forever ready when pursuing dangerous game within the labyrinth of our evergreen forest.



   Choose your weapon! Hand Cannons, Stick & String, Big Bore Brush-Busters, Muzzle Loading Smoke Poles, Hyper-Velocity Magnums, almost anything goes... the choice is yours. Whatever you choose remember this... you are walking in “his” campground! As these treacherous beasts prowl the dark and shaded areas awaiting your arrival, it is up to you to decide when and where to unleash deadly force.

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   In ancient times, when our world was still young, the North American continent split apart spewing molten lava across the land scorching and burning everything in its path. Torn from the heart of this violent world massive blocks and domes were tectonically up-thrusted creating a vast wilderness within a massive inland sea. During the retreat of the last glacial ice age primitive man hunted the prehistoric beast that roamed the wasteland and ruled the dark forest of the North. Since the beginning of civilization warriors and noblemen have challenged their skills and bravery by doing battle with Russian Boars.


   From the rugged mountain peaks to the dark cedar forest sportsmen throughout time have proven their courage and true heart through mortal combat with these ferocious beasts. Within the ancient halls of the Mountain Kings great feasts of wild boar filled the bellies and warmed the souls of these noble sportsmen. As true champions of the hunt, these warriors ruled supreme bringing civilization to all mankind.
   In modern times sportsmen are traveling from the civilized parts of the world to hunt the beast of the great northern forest in what is now Michigan’s most wild and rugged Upper Peninsula.


   This vast wilderness has a hidden secret known only to a small percentage of the population... it holds Michigan’s most dangerous game animal... right here at Bear Mountain. Contained within the bedrock ridges of our upland hardwoods and the massive cedar swamps within the great forest is your Dangerous Game Hunt. It's waiting for those who have courage & are of stout enough heart to do battle with the Savage Beast. The Russian Boar is a worthy adversary and an excellent meal suitable for the table of a King. Hunt the beast, slay your trophy boar and fill your larder with sweet honey smoked hams. Then, and only then, will you truly know the Sport of Kings.


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