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Russian Boar
 Russian Boar hunting is an incredible sport dating back to the dawn of time.

 History tells of the Greek Gods hunting and slaying wild boar in the deep snow.

 The Caesars of Rome hunted Russian Boar and wrote stories of the heroes who went forth and killed the mighty beast.

 The Barons of Germany were hearty warlords and they faced the full fury of the Raging Russian Boar and live to tell of the great Beast.

 The Noble Kings of England put the Russian Boar on their Coat-of-Arms and carried the beast into battle as their shields were covered with the ferocious insignia.

  Discover Authentic Russian Boar Hunting


Russian Boar Hunting

Since the dawn of time man has hunted and slain the mighty Russian Boar.  In the beginning, it was for food and survival.

 As time progressed, young hunters journeyed into the depths of the black forest to test their skills and bravery by battling and conquering the Giant Russian Boar. 

During these early rites of passage, hunters tested their courage and proved their heart through mortal combat with this savage Beast of the North.

Within the hollowed halls of the Mountain Kings, great feasts of wild Boar filled the bellies and warmed the souls of these noble sportsmen.

As true champions of the hunt, these men ruled supreme, bringing civilization to all mankind. 

Will you awaken the ancient hunter and send forth the Beast Slayer?

Are you the one to stand before the full fury of a Russian Boar.


My name is Greg Johnson., my friends call me the "Moose Man". I am the owner of Bear Mountain Lodge, home of the Raging Russians(R) located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. 

My goal is to transform big game hunters into Dangerous Game Beast Slayers.

I have done this by creating the ultimate Russian Boar hunting adventure.

You no longer have to go to Europe or Asia to hunt a authentic  Russian Boar.  I have found a way to import Russian Boars into the United States so you can enjoy the thrill and excitement of battling the Raging Russians® without leaving the good ole USA

If you have ever dreamed of hunting real Russian Boar then I recommend you cruise this website and find out for youself if Russian Boar Hunting is right for you.


The Russian Boar has a massive head with razor sharp tusks.  He has a huge hump on his back, strong power legs, a thick hide, and a heavy coat.  He is built with dense bones, solid muscles, and small hindquarters.

The Boar is designed by nature (survival of the fittest) for fighting and breeding. He has a thick shield (I call it a “Grizzle Plate”) that protects his vitals during battle. 

The Boar's well developed Grizzle Plate is like dense fingernail cartilage that shields the lungs heart, and liver making the Boar a virtual tank.

The shield located beneath the hide can be seen when the Beast is skinned and quartered.  Unlike a tank, a Boar is lightning fast and has Tusks and heknows how to use his “Cutters” to rip apart his adversaries.

These characteristics combined with a belligerent attitude have earned him the title of “Dangerous Game”!


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